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Why us?

Don’t be followed by other garages offering servicing at some cut price offer – you’re unlikely to be getting the full treatment we offer. We got our 5 star rating on Facebook, Google and the Good Garage Scheme by offering class-leading quality. We have highly experienced technicians and use quality lubricants and parts.

If you book your MOT and Servicing together we offer a package deal discount saving £19.00 on the individual prices.

As well as stamping your book, we keep a full record of all the work we have completed on your vehicle on our database. If you come to sell it we can provide a full report on what we have done for you.

TerraClean – PAC

If you book a TerraClean with your Service we offer a package deal to save you money too. For example an MOT, Service and TerraClean on a 2.0L vehicle would cost £39 for the MOT, £215 for the Service and £364. We offer a package deal to have all three for £300 saving you over 20%. 

Maximise The Lifespan Of Your Car – Book Regular Servicing At Midland Autocentres.

5-Star rated members of the Good Garage Scheme.
Our servicing technicians are trained to service any make and model of car using the latest techniques and diagnostic equipment. They are committed to providing a friendly, straightforward and honest service. Book now and choose a date and time that suits you.

Why service your vehicle?

Regularly serviced vehicles have fewer long term reliability problems and makes your car or van less liable to breakdown. An annual service is essential preventative maintenance. The MOT test is a check for minimum roadworthiness – making sure your car is in robust overall health.

What do I need?

If you drive up to 6,000 miles per year then we would recommend an interim service one year and a full service the year after. Vehicles should have a full service every 12,000 miles as an absolute minimum.

What’s included?

Our interim service includes an oil and filter change, and a 28 point checklist.

Our full service is extremely comprehensive, changing your oil and all your filters and a 50 point checklist so you can rest assured that your vehicle has been properly assessed. 

See the Good Garage Scheme website for an example of the checklist.

Timing Belts

Many vehicles are fitted with timing belts that need to be changed dependent on mileage and/or age. Ask one of our team whether your timing belt is due for a change. Failing to change it can lead to serious (and expensive!) engine damage.

Book Your Servicing & MOT at the Same Time to Save Money

Fixed-Price Servicing Up to 1100CC 1101-2000CC 2001-2500CC 2501CC & Above
Interim Service £125 £155 £185 £215
Interim Service & MOT £145 £175 £205 £235
Full Service £185 £215 £255 £285
Full Service & MOT £205 £235 £275 £305

*should your vehicle require longline spark plugs or filters a surcharge may apply.