keep your car running smoothly
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Free Post-Lockdown Checkover

Don’t let an avoidable breakdown ruin your day!

Keeping your car running smoothly and well maintained is tricky particularly when we’ll always so busy with so many things to do. But so many the common breakdowns can be avoided, taking one stress out of your super busy life.

Having been locked down for the last few weeks and maybe having your MOT deferred, you’re probably looking forward to putting some miles on your vehicle.  Not just getting back to work but visiting loved ones – the last think you want is to have to worry about you car or van. If you are concerned about whether your vehicle is both roadworthy and reliable we are here to help. Especially as even though the MOT deferment scheme is in place, you’re still required to ensure that it’s road legal.

Our contribution to keeping everyone safe and secure is to offer a free post lockdown checkover – details below – so that you can rest assured you’re not taking unnecessary chances.  It only takes about 20 minutes and if there are any pressing issues we can let you know.

On top of all these listed below we will also give your brakes a visual inspection and if necessary tell you if they need further checks.

What is included within our free post lockdown check?

To keep you moving we’ll check:


We check the overall condition for saftety, including the tyre tread depth and pressure


We test the batteries charge, making sure your car starts and you don’t get caught out in the cold

Coolant / Anti-freeze

We check the strength and levels, as so many engine related breakdowns are related to the vehicles cooling system 

Wiper blades

We check for splits, grime and damage because when the weather unexpectedly changes you don’t want to be driving blind

Windscreen wash

We check the the system is operating correctly and the level of screen wash

Light bulbs

We check faulty or broken bulbs, which is dangerous at night and in bad weather and illegal

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